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Our Goal

At Dark Horse, we are investors. We use our time, energy, and resources to invest in the kids. Kids need to know our support does not stop at the check. 

We Partner with School Administrators, Coaches, Teachers, Community Leaders, & Youth Groups to Find Those Athletes in Need of Our Support

Our Philosophy

At Dark Horse, we believe participation in sports helps kids develop the skillsets necessary to win the game of life.  We believe the life lessons and experiences gained through sports, encourages and inspires kids to take their lives to the next level. Through sports, kids gain essential life skills which become the foundation to build a successful life.

Team Work
Work Ethic
Self - Motivation
Conflict Resolution
Self - Discipline

Our Process

1. We reach out to our partners for recommendations of student athletes that may need assistance.

2. We request the partner to submit a request in writing so we can get to know the student athlete         and what they need.

3. Our Board meets to assess the request.

4. We jump on board and dive in.

5. We personally reach out to the athlete. Let them know we are interested in being on their team.

6. We ask the athlete to sign the Dark Horse Pledge. We need to know the athlete is committed to        their success, on and off the field, and the success of their teammates.

7. We deliver!

8. We follow up. We want the kids to know we care. The Dark Horse Foundation is not "just a check        and good luck kid." We're invested. We routinely check in with the athletes and the partners for          updates on sport, school, and life so we can continue to build on our investment.

What Your Donation Funds:

Registration Fees
Life Experiences
College Visits
Game Equipment
Recruiting Videos
Game Meals
Camp Admission
Training Sessions
Practice Gear
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